Real-Time Internet
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Real-Time Internet

I’m always finding myself talking about the Internet. In my opinion one of the most fascinating things about it is the sheer size of the net. I don’t think most of us really appreciate the amount of data that flies over the wires everyday.

This topic comes up especiallly when we are talking about security issues. So we hear on the news about a great many government employees private data being hacked. We get worried. What about my data? How long will it take for thebad guys to get me? And the government is listening to everything as well?

Are you at risk? I don’t know, if people want to get you they can. But they have to jump through a number of hoops to get there.

Just look at this web page for awhile…

Its kind of mesmerizing. I have no idea if this information is correct or accurate. But I do believe that its likely that the intent, or even the scale of the portrayals make a point.

The Internet is big, much biger that the average person can imagine. Its something to keep in mind the next time your skype session gets spotty, or if you FaceTime conversation degrades. If you think about it streaming movies if just plain miraculous.

Just like a grain of sand on the beach, or a star in the sky, my web broswer’s request for a web page is … just a drop in a huge bucket!