Advocacy Council of ACAAI
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Advocacy Council of ACAAI


Client Projects

  • Project management
  • Web Application Development
  • Website Development
  • IT Support
  • Email Marketing

Notable Projects for the Advocacy Council

Formerly the Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

First Generation Site

In 2001 the Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology needed a website to facilitate communication with their membership. Zone Systems, created a HTML site to present their weekly newsletter. As a benefit for the members, the weekly newsletter called “New News You Can Use”, informed allergists of the JCAAI’s lobbying work in the US legislature. This section of the site was designed only for members only and contained a number of security measures to protect the content from the general public.

Second Generation Site

In 2007 the JCAAI started to out grow their site. They needed more of their website. Zone Systems was tasked with finding another solution that could expand the services the JCAAI provided for its members. Through extensive research Zone Systems found, negotiated, configured and setup a website Portal System for the new site.

Third Generation Site

Over the years the JCAAI found itself using a number of different tools to achieve the necessary day-to-day results. A common issue for smaller organizations, they needed to consolidate their resources to save time, effort and increase efficiency. Zone Systems recommended a series of solutions in addition to their third generation website. The new website, built with WordPress and utilizing a Single-Sign-on service, brought together the weekly, newsletter, social media integration, membership management, and e-commerce/dues functionality. The most impressive result was allowing the member to track and pay their dues in additional to other membership maintenance functions previously manually managed by the JCAAI office.

Zone Systems supported the day to day operation of the JCAAI’s computer, software and connectivity needs.

Technology Consulting – Hardware Purchasing and Maintenance

Each year Zone Systems provided a technology assessment in an effort to guide the JCAAI forward as the Internet became increasingly important mechanism for the association. Zone Systems attempted to anticipate the future needs of the JCAAI, then submitting recommendations for strategic technology initiatives moving forward.

Membership Maintenance

As with any association the JCAAI’s membership database is its life’s blood. Zone Systems assisted the JCAAI in maintaining that database, occasionally providing data mining services to learn more about the membership.

Two ICD-10 Webinars,  E-commerce with Three Pricing Tiers

As the new coding standard ICD-10 approach the JCAAI attempted to keep its membership a breast of developments, educating them about the coming changes.

Vial Prep Online Quiz

In 2007 the JCAAI needed a mechanism to education their membership with regards to specific office procedures for patient examinations. After producing a quiz for that purpose, the JCAAI commissioned Zone Systems to provide a web application to deliver the e-learning project. Zone Systems oversaw the project organizing and managing a number of developers to create an application to the JCAAI’s specifications. This would be the second e-learning effort Zone Systems produced for the JCAAI. Years earlier, in connection with Karen Zupko & Associates, Zone Systems researched and found an e-learning platform for presenting two courses, one on HIPAA compliance, and another on Medicare Compliance.


This site was constructed as a mechanism to deliver a number of courses prepared for Allergists to aid them with office management.  JCAAILearn used the now defunct Flex Training platform to present two courses.  The First course covered issues relating to Medicare Compliance, and the second offered training in HIPAA compliance.

Email Marketing

Recommended and setup email marketing solutions for the “New News You Can Use” newsletter.

Litigation Support

Prepared digital discovery production for JCAAI legal proceedings.