Anchor Surgical Products, Inc.
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Anchor Surgical Products, Inc.


Client Projects

  • Project management
  • Website Development

Notable Projects forĀ Anchor Surgical Products, Inc.

First Generation Site

Anchor’s website was as old as it was dated. As a manufacturer of medical and veterinary needles, they needed a site that could present their extensive product catalog with a bit more sophistication. The catalog was large and the information included some competitor product comparisons. The old site used long HTML tables in addition to downloadable PDF as the mechanism for presenting the data. Finding a particular SKU was difficult and confusing.

Additionally, they had recently introduced an exciting new product. The Tissue Retrieval System™ or TRS enabled surgeons to remove tissue during a procedure easily and effectively. The result was a surgery that was less invasive and safer for the patient.

In order to herald the product, they commissioned Zone Systems and a graphic designer to create a new more dynamic website.