Corporate Id Solutions, Inc
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Corporate Id Solutions, Inc


Client Projects

  • Project management
  • Web Application Development
  • Website Development

Notable Projects for the Corporate Id Solutions, Inc.

First Generation Site

CIS is a sign manufacturer focusing on Fortune 500 corporate branding changeovers from design to installation, managing the projects logistics all the way. As this is a rather closed industry with just a few providers, CIS needed to showcase the breadth of its capabilities to a limited market. To address this need, CIS commissioned Zone Systems to create its first site in 2003. We created a flash website featuring slideshows and many photographic examples of their work. We used galleries to demonstrate CIS’ design prowess and slideshows to provide examples and convey processes and project management experience. We achieved all of this within a simple box design that allowed for presentation space with an effective navigational scheme.

Second Generation Site

Zone Systems is currently in the process of updating CIS’ site to today’s state of the art, taking every element and expanding upon it to new, more high-res levels.