Fuller Grafix, Inc.
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Fuller Grafix, Inc.


Client Projects

  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Email Marketing

Notable Projects for Fuller Grafix, Inc.

First Generation Site

Zone Systems built Fuller Grafix’s first website in 2000 that listed a few of the large offset printing presses they sold.

Second Generation Site

Zone Systems built and maintained Fuller Grafix’s second generation website. Besides including every one of the growing number of printing machines they sold, the site presented those machine with much more detail. Utilizing Adobe Flash technology a glitzier look was added to focus on two new markets the company was starting to engage in, mailing machines and digital presses. The printing industry was just starting to move towards digital processes and large format inkjet machines. FGI was trying to stay ahead of the curve, and the new site was one of their primary initiatives to achieve those goals.

This was a large site, presenting well over one hundred different machines. In close collaboration with FGI, the site focused on the user experience by categorizing FGI’s inventory in to main ways, capability and type. The goal was to put any machine within a rollover and a click from the home page. This gave the site a competitive edge against the competition making any particular piece of information quickly and easily accessible to the user. This also provided assistance to sales reps in the field, reducing the number of brochures necessary for client visits.

On occasions Zone Systems provided video production services to FGI in an attempt to round out and modernize the company’s image. The last video produced was created to celebrate the rollout of a new printer for the Graph Expo printing industry trade show in Chicago.

During the many years Zone Systems served as an Internet Consultant for FGI, constant contact email campaigns were a constantly employed marketing tool. We helped FGI get up and running with the service which has served them very well.