Concerned about privacy?
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Concerned about privacy?

This morning I read an article at a site I hadn’t visited in quite a while. Back in my days of building PCs, and trying to maximize the effectiveness and speed of the machine I was making, I spent a lot of time at Tom’s Hardware.

I decided to pay the site a visit again today and discovered a great article on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and Proxy servers.

Yesterday, I uploaded a post relating to the amount of traffic on the Internet. I implied that there is so much traffic and activity, it would be hard to imagine someone targeting and latching onto you, a particular user.

The problem with this is that it really doesn’t address how you may feel about the risks. Now, I’m not saying that spying or identity theft doesn’t happen. I’m just saying there is a risk calculation involved in assessing your personal privacy.

But if you what to skip that debate and jump straight to being more “safe”, this article is a greate place to start. A VPN is what you want.

After digesting that, you can then go to PC Magazines assessment of VPN services to help you choose.