Apple’s iOS 9 is Coming!
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Apple’s iOS 9 is Coming!

Gizmodo has a short breakdown of the new features for the upcomming iOS 9. Here.

The most notable change is a move to a 6 digit passcode, so get ready. If you read a bit about hacking and other intrusive bad guy behavior, you’ll find that the password is the weakest link in the security chain.

One simple way to protect your travels online is to not only create a secure password (using capitals, punctuation, and special characters), but to also create a LONG password.

Visit this site,, to see how long it would take to crack your password.

It seems as though Apple is forcing us in the right direction.

And while you are at it, do some reading about two-factor authentication.

We know passwords are a pain, and its really difficult to remember all the ones you use. But when looking at the traffic this website gets, and noticing all of the hacking attempts thrown at it, believe us, the bad guys are trying. Most of of those attempts are simple guess the password attacks.

So make ‘em long … make them very long …