75 Million in a Month ???
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Windows 10 Install

75 Million in a Month ???

Engadget is pointing out that in the first month Windows 10 is now installed on 75 million computers.  Man that’s fast, and makes you think about how much people disliked Windows 8.

I have a client that expressed his dislike for Windows 8 two years ago, and he waited, frustrated,  for it ever since.  I installed it for him on his laptop two weeks ago.

I have to tell you the upgrade process was painless.  It took a while, 2 hours or so, but once I started the process, things progressed automatically.  I really didn’t have to do anything.

The one part that was annoying was the “Request Windows 10” procedure they had in place.  We had requested an upgrade in April or May.  The Windows 10 launch day came and went and we waited.  After two weeks nothing…

My client couldn’t wait, and fortunately Microsoft did have a procedure to install the upgrade without what I assume would have been some kind of automated process.

As I mentioned above, the download was hefty. And the install took a while but, on the whole, it was painless.

(The image is from Engadget)