Content is King
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Content is King

I ran across this article today.

It discusses the need for good content. Businesses need to keep in mind that in many ways the old sales paradigm has changed.

Think about the way you spend money. There is usually some sort of research involved. No one wants to waste money, and I think it’s safe to say that we all do some kind of fact checking to justify many of our purchases. Obviously, there is a sliding scale here. The more expensive the product or service, the more you will want to know about it before you buy. Whether you are in the market for a horse, a car, or even a new toaster, you will look into it. We all check … through word of mouth, reviews, TV, reading a book, or online research we try to determine if the purchase is worth our hard earned money.

Given this basic human behavior, let’s think about the context in which you are reading this post. Online Research…

The Internet is vast, opinions are plenty, and it’s hard to find that one piece of information that will make your purchase … “Ok”.

As a business owner, where would you prefer a potential customer get that info? Do you feel comfortable relying on that vast internet to provide it for you? Or would you prefer to provide the information yourself? Wouldn’t it be better to provide it in a manner that you control?

Of course, it would.

There is a lot of mis-information out there. There is probably mis-information about your industry, products, or services. This can hurt your bottom line. But you do not have to accept that.

Having a thoughtful website, with fresh content that precisely highlights the points you need and want to make, is the most effective way to swim against the mis-information stream.

They say, “Content is King” and it certianly is. But more than that … your content can make you money.